Explore Panama's public data

PANADATA is a project started in 2013 which gathers and indexes information from Panama's public datasets. Our goal is to provide better transparent access to public data at a low cost to benefit both private and public enterprises.

Other Services


Do you want your software to pull data from PANADATA? We can deploy custom API endpoints for your project and deliver data in JSON format.


Sometimes users need bulk access to the data. We offer custom data exports in CSV format.

Other Sources

We have access to other public data sources which are not listed on the site. Please contact us to inquire on other data sources.


How can I contact PANADATA?

Our email address is support@panadata.net and our phone number is +507-833-6546

How is this data obtained?

All of the information on panadata.net is obtained by consulting Panama's public data portals. For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions

Do you offer reports and custom data exports?

Yes. Please contact us.

What if I do not want to pay with a credit or debit card?

We accept other forms of payment such as wire transfer, check or bitcoin. Please contact us at support@panadata.net.

Is this legal?

Yes. Panama has a law which states that any data public data generated at a government institution must be made available to the public and that anyone can query the government for public information without any sort of restrictions:

Artículo 2. Toda persona tiene derecho a solicitar, sin necesidad de sustentar justificación o motivación alguna, la información de acceso público en poder o en conocimiento de las instituciones indicadas en la presente Ley.

Principio de publicidad. Toda la información que emana de la administración pública es de carácter público, por la cual el Estado deberá garantizar una organización interna que sistematice la información, para brindar acceso a los ciudadanos y también para su divulgación a través de los distintos medios de comunicación social y/o de Internet.

source: Ley No.6 de 22 de Enero de 2002