Integrate with Panadata using any programming language

You can use our REST API to request the data you need on demand directly from your own application or platform.


  • Verification of government payroll in the Republic of Panama
  • Verification of operation notices
  • Search of organizations with data from dockets or entries
Panadata, la mejor herramienta investigativa de Panamá

What is an API?

An API or “application programming interface” is a program that defines how an application should communicate with other applications. Applications with an API can be used by other applications as services. This allows you to automate processes without acquiring the risk of developing the software.

There are several standards for APIs, one of the most popular being the REST API which specifies the communication between programs using JSON over HTTP. REST is super easy to use because it works over HTTP, the main protocol of the web, and it utilizes JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) which is a lot simpler than other formats like XML. REST isn't exclusive to any programming language and there are several implementations in all of the popular languages.

Panadata, la mejor herramienta investigativa de Panamá
Panadata, la mejor herramienta investigativa de Panamá

Use Cases

Some of our corporate customers use Panadata’s API to profile their clients and automate their KYC/compliance processes.

Panadata’s API is an excellent option if your firm's processes have been digitized in a platform like a CRM or an application based on workflows.

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