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Contact for <b>Platinum Enterprise</b> plans
Contact for Platinum Enterprise plans

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Integrate with Panadata with any programming language
Integrate with Panadata with any programming language

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Contact for <b>Platinum Enterprise</b> plans
Contact for <b>Platinum Enterprise</b> plans
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Frequently asked questions
Panadata gathers the most important consultation sites in a single platform in an easy and friendly way, even creating alternatives for searching and managing public information that traditional sites do not offer.
Our functionalities will allow you to:
  • Monitoring of the portfolio of companies, properties and brands.
  • Mass verification of companies and directors on economic sanction lists.
  • Track dockets in the Public Registry
  • Download Public Deeds in PDF.
  • National news of companies and directors

All the information in panadata.net is obtained by consulting the public portals of the government of the Republic of Panama. Some of the databases we have are:
  • Public Registry
  • MICI (Operation permits)
  • DIGERPI (Panama registered brands)
  • CUSTOMS (Imports and Exports from Panama)
  • COMPTROLLER (Government Payments)
  • STATE PAYROLL (Politically exposed persons)
  • PANAMA COMPRAS (Public tenders)

Panadata accepts payments by credit card as long as it is Visa or Mastercard, both to buy reports and to buy a subscription. In the case of subscription, automatic payments will be made every 30 days or cancel at any time.
Other forms of payment:
We accept other forms of payment such as checks, ACH, international transfer and bitcoins. For more information, please contact us by writing to [email protected]

Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time. Accessing Account Options> Subscription Details.
We suggest making cancellations before the next renewal date to avoid automatic charging to your card. If for any reason you cannot make the cancellation, please contact us by writing to [email protected]

If you want to talk to us about what you need, we are at your disposal. You'll have access to personalized technical support via email ([email protected]), live chat and/or by joining a live webinar.
For more information before you begin, visit our Help Center.